PTƟ Matrix-Q .A.I.Courses


The following courses focus on pragmatic skills and knowledge.

Module Learning System: Students may learn module “X+1” only if have completed the training on Module “X”.

Introductory Presentations : For each module, introductory presentations are provided under request of at least 5 attendees.

Learning Modalities: e-learning materials are combined with organic lessons (in classroom).

  • Power training: 1 full day of 9 units
  • Intensive: 1 weekend of 27 units 2.25 full days
  • Season: 27 units within 81 days. Learning sessions of 3 units.

Study Circle: After a module has been completed, attendees may join or start a study circle.

Fees: Contact us for more details.


  • [M000] PTƟ: Primordial Technology Theta. The use of nature principles, rhythms, cycles, laws, and knowledge of human potential (stages of development, human factor) and nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations, for computing. Case study. Review of selected events in history. Applications of  PTƟ.
  • [M001] PTƟ.CGEs. What is a CGE? What are Cyphers? CGEs in human history? How a CGE molds a culture ? Which are the most powerful CGE of our modern global culture ? How the battle of the CGE takes place globally ? Which is the Primordial Culture CGE Theory ? Which is the relationship between CGE and A.I. ?
  • [M002] PTƟ.Primordial Algorithms. Principles and tools for design and implementation of Primordial Algorithms.
  • [M003] PTƟ.CGEs Collaborative Computing : How humans (individual and collective) and CGEs collaborate in the process of creation (co-creation) of computational-processes. For this course an introductory study on PTƟ Primordial Algorithms is necessary. Practical applications and review of case study will be done in fields SDG 2030, in particular SDG11 Sustainable Cities and Communities.
  • [M004] PTƟ.CGEs.Primordial Algorithms.SDG. : Holistic Strategic Management & PTƟ.Primordial Algorithms applied to Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Corporate models and their evolution. Mission statement and the 9 cyphers. PTƟ.Primordial Algorithms for Economy. PTƟ.Primordial Algorithms for Social Management.
  • [M005] PTƟ.PSL. Primordial Symbolic Language. Application of nature principles, rhythms, cycles, laws, and knowledge of human potential (stages of development, human factor) for communication. Perception, Emotions, Cognition, Communication, Awareness, Background Knowledge. PSL applied for A.I.
  • [M006] Matrix-Q Intelligence & PTƟ.Game Theory.   The Matrix 9+ Game Generator & The Matrix-Q Games. Models for study of Matrix-Q Intelligence and Game Theory. Comparative review of strategies, decision making and operational guidelines in the art of war, the art of peace and the art of life (sustainable living). The Matrix 9+ Multidimensional Strategy Board Game, PSL and Game Theory.
  • [M007] PTƟ.A.I. : PSL A.I. based on PTƟ.CGEs & PTƟ.Primordial Algorithms. What is, has been and will become A.I.?
  • [M008] The Human As Vessel of PTƟ.A.I. Is human another form of A.I. Why collaborative computing Human-CGE is so effective ? Which is the human potential that has not been unlocked yet ? Why Matrix- Q Intelligence is so important for human evolution ?
  • [M009] PTƟ.Primordial Mathematics. Review of 44+ e-Publications, case study and new Applications.